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Tulda 5000 mAh bamboo power bank

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Bamboo power bank that provides 5000 mAh of back-up power for mobile phones or other digital devices. It features LED indicator lights and a webbing made of RPET material. Packaged in a gift box and delivered with an instruction manual (both made of sustainable material). Micro-USB charging cable is included. Since bamboo is a natural product, there may be slight variations in colour and size per item, which may affect the final decoration outcome.


  • Weight
    120.0000 grams
  • Height
    1.6000 cm
  • Width
    7.0000 cm
  • Length
    11.0000 cm
  • Diameter
    0.0000 cm


Quantity Unit Price Total
25 20.11 502.75
50 19.52 976.00
100 19.52 1,952.00
500 19.14 9,570.00