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YOGI SET - Fitness yoga matt rope and bag

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'Fitness set with yoga matt (4 mm) and exercise rope presented in a 340 gr/m² canvas bag with long handle. Take this complete set with you for a healthy workout. The soft yoga matt is the base for various exercises. Use the rope to help stretch and train your body. The canvas tote is large enough to carry more exercise equipment to complete your workout.'


  • Weight
    0.7800 grams
  • Height
    37.0000 cm
  • Width
    112.0000 cm
  • Length
    0.0000 cm
  • Diameter
    0.0000 cm


Quantity Unit Price Total
25 28.58 714.50
50 27.77 1,388.50
100 26.95 2,695.00
250 26.13 6,532.50